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August Update


The sun is rapidly setting on August and the light in New Mexico has shifted. Time to take inventory of my late-summer work.

I’ve been reading heaps of television and new media theory, continuing investigation into remix culture, appropriation, cultural structure and  theories of memory while also honing my video production skills. It seems I’ve been reading more this semester than any previous,…

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Self as geologic verb, 2014. Collaborative project with Nancy Meyer.

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Soledad Canyon, CA. 1959 survey map.

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737 La Brea (August Update) and LA County Fire Station 127

737 La Brea (August Update) and LA County Fire Station 127


737 N La Brea, Inglewood, CA – 1972 – former site of Sparling Buick (closed 1997). Luckor Plaza and Bekins buildings still around in 2014. 

luckar plaza

As a side investigation, I plugged precise shooting locations from several TV series I’m working with into Google Maps to gauge distance (historical, physical, architectural, conceptual).

What I found was compelling, but ultimately too centered on the…

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Time Fusion III. Graphite on paper. Ren Adams, 2013. Television crossfade experiment + Mojave Desert. 

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My Arpakasso Collection: August 13th, 2014

Super cute!

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So I Asked… (Elevator)

So I Asked… (Elevator)

Videos include sound (lots of subtle layers, too, so turn up the volume if you can!)

So I asked…

Elevator (Finding a Way Out of Here, I Hope)
– Combines “stop animation” style stills with moving action.

Peter Rostovsky suggested I consider new ways of dimensionalizing…

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I think I’m going to buy the catalog and I’ll definitely share. :-D

I think I’m going to buy the catalog and I’ll definitely share. :-D

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Ren Adams Art

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Digital Latin America, 2014 Exhibition

Digital Latin America, 2014 Exhibition

IMG_3503This week I viewed the Digital Latin America Exhibition at 516 Arts in Albuquerque, one of the city’s only true contemporary art spaces. The carefully curated show was brimming with compelling, 21st century investigations of space, identity, perception, language and the line between digital and physical.

The exhibition also proved fruitful (and invigorating!) for my own digital/hybrid work and I…

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